Some Types of Baked Pastries from All Around the World

Some Types of Baked Pastries from All Around the World

Some Types of Baked Pastries from All Around the World.  There are so many pretty things to bake, including cookies and pastries. If you make your own cookies or pastries at home, of course, you will have to spend less budget and you can also make cookies and pastries according to your wishes. You can make cookies with a baking process that is easier and healthier. But, maybe you are curious about various types of baked pastries from all around the world that you might try at home. Let’s check them out.

Pineapple Nastar Roll from Indonesia

Some Types of Baked
Some Types of Baked

Pineapple Nastar Roll or better is an Indonesian pastry that tastes deliciously sweet. This pastry in the form of flour dough with pineapple jam filling is very popular in Indonesia and in several other countries in Southeast Asia. Usually served during religious holidays such as Idul Fitri and Christmas.

Dutch Speculaas Spice Cookies from the Netherlands

Some Types of Baked
Some Types of Baked
Some Types of Baked
Some Types of Baked

This favorite traditional pastry from the Netherlands has a unique and delicious taste. It is also efficacious to warm our body because it is made from spices such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, anise, and a little extra white pepper.

Argentinian Alfajores from Argentina

Cookies that are found in Buenos Aires are adapted from Spain. Very reasonable, because Argentina is a former colony of Spain. Plus many Spanish descendants who settled and lived in Argentina.

Can you imagine how delicious it is to enjoy a delicious Caramel dulce de leche sandwiched between two pieces of cookie and then sprinkled with granulated sugar-flour? This cookie really gets a thumbs up.

German Pfeffernüsse Cookies from Germany

Please … don’t ask how to spell it, okay? This spicy pastry is originally from Germany. Some basic ingredients use nutmeg, ginger, and black pepper and brown sugar. Make these cookies the best cookies to be served in winter and when the Christmas ceme deposit pulsa celebration arrives for the German people.

Greek Melomakarona from Greece

Melomakarona is a kind of pastry that has a blend of cinnamon, cloves and oranges and honey. This pastry must taste delightful. This pastry is also usually served during Christmas.

Polish Bow Tie Cookies from Poland

Polish Bow Tie Cookies turns out to have another name called Chrusciki and Angel Wings. These cookies are baked until it changes into golden in color and sprinkled with fine sugar.

Of course, the taste is really crispy and sweet, making the celebration atmosphere even sweeter by enjoying this delicious cookie.

Mexican Wedding Cookies from Mexico

This Mexican pastry is made from flour and walnuts and sprinkled with refined sugar, very similar to Snow White cookies in Indonesia. This is also very yummy, though.

Belgian Gaulletes from Belgium

Belgian Gaulletes originally from Belgium is a delicious pastry that you can make at home. Well, you may need to use the mold Pizzelle Press which is almost similar to the mold for waffles. This cookie is usually served as a dessert combined with delicious ice cream.

Austrian Linzer Cookies from Austria

This Austrian pastry has a sweet strawberry jam filling between two savory cookie plates and of course it tastes good. Moreover, printed beautifully showing the strawberry red color, you must want to taste it, right?

French Meringues from France

These cookies are made of egg whites that are beaten with sugar until they are stiff and white foaming. It is sometimes added flavorings such as lemon or strawberries and then printed and baked.

When you eat it, these cookies will taste like a mild foam that breaks easily and tastes sweet when you touch your tongue. Apart from France, these cookies are also popular in Switzerland and Italy.

Italian Anise Christmas Cookies from Italy

This beautiful pastry comes from Italy and is made using Anise extract or aniseed that tastes like Licorice then sprinkled with small rainbow balls that taste sweet.

Finally, those are several beautiful baked pastries that you can find in many countries all around the world. Those pastries are not just delicious, but they also look beautiful in shape. You can find the recipes on the internet so you can create one.