The Best Ingredients You Need to Get Soft and Moist Cookies

The Best Ingredients You Need to Get Soft and Moist Cookies

The Best Ingredients You Need to Get Soft and Moist Cookies. You may have experienced baking some cookies that are uncooked on the top but crispy on the bottom while playing sbobet indonesia. There are many reasons of why this could be happen. It is very important to know the reaction of all the ingredients when they are mixed together.

You have to be able to differentiate the results when certain ingredients being mixed in the certain ways. Knowing this will enable you to create softer, moist and warmer cookies every time. Here are the best ingredients you need to bake soft cookies in your kitchen.

  1. Sugars

    The Best Ingredients You Need
    The Best Ingredients You Need

Sugar is one of the main basic ingredients in every cookies, cake or even bread. Sugar is divided into several types which each of them has different reaction toward the cookies. If you want to create crispier cookies, then white sugar is the best type you can choose. Meanwhile, in order to bake chewy and softer cookies, it is recommended to use brown sugar instead.

Some recipes such as recipe for chocolate chip recipe tends to use these two kind of sugars. If you want to make the cookies softer, then you can substitute the white sugar with brown sugar. Sometimes, the cookies cannot retain their original shape. If it happens, decrease the amount of sugar in the mixture.

  1. Flour, Baking Soda and Baking Powder

    The Best Ingredients You Need
    Baking Powder

It is recommended to mix all the dry ingredients in one place first before mix them with liquid ingredients. Therefore, mix the flour with baking soda or baking powder to ease you mix the dough well. Remember to always use the fresh ingredients including flour, baking powder or baking soda when making cookies.

Make sure you understand the difference between particular type of flour. Each flour has different purpose or at least will bring different affects toward your cookies. Some cookies may asked you to use all – purpose flour while the other recipe requires high – protein flour.

  1. Understand the Difference Between Shortening and Butter

It is very important to understand the difference between butter as well as shortening. When you are reading the recipe, don’t be failed to recognize between these two. If you are using shortening and margarine instead of butter, you will get cookies with the original unbaked shape. Otherwise, if you are adding butter, then the cookies will be thinner than the original shape.

Butter sometimes is used to cook particular cookies like shortbread. If you want to sustain the original unbaked shape, then you can also add fats or cold butter. Make sure you only use the intended ingredients such as room temperature margarine, melted, or cold one. They all have different reaction toward cookies.

  1. Choosing Spoons or Cups?

It is better to measure the amount of ingredients using spoon instead of cups. This will avoid you from giving more or less ingredients in the dough. Actually, it is even recommended if you use exact measurement such as gram to make sure you get the precision amount of ingredients.