The Special Touches Ideas for Decorating a Birthday Cake

The Special Touches Ideas for Decorating a Birthday Cake

The Special Touches Ideas for Decorating a Birthday Cake. Decorating a birthday cake is not complete before you add some special items on the surface of the cake. You can add several special touches to make the cake looks more appealing. You can choose both edible and inedible decorations.

Inedible decorations mostly used are action figures, candle or some model. Here are some special touches ideas you can apply to make the cake looks more stunning.

  1. Use Thin Layer of Glitter to Hide Imperfection

    The Special Touches Ideas

There is no such thing as perfect in this world. It is also applied for a cake. Yet, you can hide the imperfection and make it looks more fascinating by applying thin layer of glitter on all over the cake. Using edible glitter will make your cake seems more magical. When there is any inconsistencies in the frosting, it can be hidden by the glitter.

Applying the glitter is an easy task even for the beginner. You only have to dust the surface of the birthday cake with glitter. You don’t need thick layer of glitter, it is sufficient with the thin layer. If you want to make a particular patterns or shapes on the surface of the cake, you can drizzle the glitter using stencils.

  1. Make the Cake Extra Stunning by Applying Edible Decorations

    The Special Touches Ideas
    The Special Touches Ideas

You can use edible decorations to dress up the cake so it will become more appealing. If you are going to the groceries stores in the baking section, you can find several items for stunning edible decorations. For example, you can choose sprinkles, candy beads, nuts, food coloring or confectioner ornaments to make the cake from simple to fascinating.

  1. Add Candy to Make Special Shape

If you want to create a special shape on top of the cake, you can use candy. This is a good idea especially if the intended person you make this cake for is a candy lover. You can use some pieces of Kit – Kat to act as the border surrounding the cake. You can also use M&M as the other popular addition for the birthday cakes. Create a special look of the birthday cake by combining the candy.

  1. Add Figures or Toys on Top Of The Cake

Drawing a special picture freehand on top of the cake may be a complex and risky task for the beginner. If you want to create a themed cake, then using figures or toys can be the best option for you. This is a lot more easier than drawing the top of the cake.

You can just choose Lego models since the size is quite fit for the cake. Not very big and not very small. Otherwise, Lego models are easily nested on top of the icing cake.

Bring this special gift to your children. You can see the look of pure happiness and gratitude from their innocent face. Getting a smile from the recipient is the most beautiful thing you can get from your effort. Finally, just place the candle on the middle of the cake.