7 Baking Tips to Help You Create Perfect Rise and Soft Bread

Do you even wonder why our grandma or the people before us have successfully create the perfect texture for baking bread even when they don’t have sophisticated ovens. Our grandma baked the bread dough in a primitive oven rather than temperature – controlled oven that is being widely used now. Therefore, understanding the tips of how our grandma had baked the bread can be really useful for us.

7 Main Baking Tips to Create The Successful Bread

1. Only use high protein wheat

This is one of the most important ingredients that has been widely used by our grandma back in the day. Using high protein wheat or adding gluten in the mixture will make the bread rise and lighter. Bread machine in the factory has main wheat gluten added in the process. You don’t need to add much wheat gluten in the mixture to make the bread rise and spring.

Only use high protein wheat
Only use high protein wheat

2. Proof the Yeast

Some people may like to store the yeast in the refrigerator so that it can increase the shelf life. It may be good at some point, but obviously it will affect the quality of the yeast. Therefore, proof the yeast before you add it to the bread. Active dry yeast is better for regular bread baking. It is better since it can make the dough has long rising time and will not drop prematurely.
Rather than active dry yeast, instant yeast may give you faster rising time therefore it is widely used in commercial bread machine. Otherwise, the bread cannot develop fully as if it uses active dry yeast.

Proof the Yeast
Proof the Yeast

3. Use less flour than the actual amount you may think

When you put the bread dough in the place to rise, the rising dough can be very sticky at the first time. Many recipes may suggest you to make the flour dough to be elastic and smooth in the first kneading, but in some cases, it is not always good. Just save for approximately a third of the flour from what the recipe calls you to do after the first rise of the dough.
The sufficient flour you need to create a good dough relatively depends on the humidity condition in your kitchen. You can knead the dough in only one handful at a time.

4. Use Fresh Ingredients

We can say that this one of the important the secrets that our grandma forgot to tell us. Or maybe they don’t even realize that this is a secret for successful bread. The best type of flour to bake bread is using organic and fresh ingredients only. Our grandma tent to grind the flour themselves so that it includes the bran, the germ as well as the important wheat gluten.

Use Fresh Ingredients
Use Fresh Ingredients

5. Use wet hands rather than dry hands

Many book recipes suggest you to flour your hand while kneading the dough as it will avoid the dough from sticking on your hands. But actually, it is better to use wet hands when kneading. It is because you will not accidentally add some flour to the dough if you use wet hands.

Reasons Why Baked Foods Are Healthier than Using Grilled Grid
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Reasons Why Baked Foods Are Healthier than Using Grilled Grid

Reasons Why Baked Foods Are Healthier than Using Grilled Grid. Many experts at recommend boiling and steaming as the healthiest food processing method, because this process does not use oils that are known to be high in cholesterol and fat, so it is also suitable for those who are on a diet program.

Baking is also referred to as a healthier cooking method. This cooking process does not use oil at all so it is low in calories. Almost all foods can be baked, including meat, chicken, fish, beans, vegetables to fruits.

Grilled vs Baked

Reasons Why Baked Foods

The process of baking and grilling is similar to burning, in which both do not add any oil during the cooking process. The difference is that when it grilled, the fire directly touches food to reach a certain level of maturity. When it is grilled, it usually uses a grid surface while the charcoal fuel is placed in a cross-section pan.

The baking method is somewhat simpler than using the grilling grid because it usually uses a grill (such as a frying pan but flat) and uses a stove as heating material. Food will not come directly into contact with the fire, so you don’t need to worry about food scraps sticking to the grill and charcoal grid.

Which one is healthier?

Reasons Why Baked Foods
Reasons Why Baked Foods

Judging from the cooking process, baking food using a pan is arguably healthier than a charcoal grill. Here are 4 reasons:

Reducing the Production of Carcinogens

Burning using charcoal means that raw meat will come into direct contact with the embers, and the long-burning process will naturally produce liquid droplets that can cause smoke. Well, this smoke contains carcinogens that flow to the surface of the meat, producing compounds PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon) which is known to cause cancer.

While baking using a frying pan is healthier because the fire does not directly come into contact with the meat but the heat is delivered through the grill so that no liquid from the meat drips into the fire.

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

The process of burning meat using charcoal is somewhat faster cooked, but one thing to watch out for is this method will produce dark meat with a dry texture. Besides, the meat that goes through the direct burning process has the potential to lose nutrients, you know. Compare with the roasting or baking process, meat does not come into direct contact with fire so that the nutrients in meat will be better maintained. In addition, meat that is baked using a frying pan will have a softer texture.

Minimize overburned

Which one is faster to make the food overcooked or burned between using a charcoal grid and baking on the stove using a frying pan?

Because charcoal-grilled meat will come into direct contact with fire and will react to produce HCA compounds (Heterocyclic Amines). This substance is formed from amino acids, glucose, and creatine, which then react to high temperatures.

Whereas baking on a frying pan is a safer way to cook, because heating the meat through an intermediate pan will prevent the meat from burning, and produce a softer texture.

Lack of Calories

When burning meat, chicken or fish using charcoal, surely we will be tempted to smear the entire body so it does not stick to the grill grid. Not healthier, but this way it will hoard a lot of fat and calories, you know.

Try comparing it when baking using a non-stick frying pan, you don’t need to add butter or oil to start cooking. Simply moisten it with sauce/seasoning before or after baking.

Cooking food for the family should not be careless, it must be healthy but still delicious and pretty. Also, you have to choose the right cookware to bake some pretty cookies or other foods.

6 Baking Tips Beginners Should Know. For a beginner
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6 Baking Tips Beginners Should Know. For a beginner

6 Baking Tips Beginners Should Know. For a beginner. baking any cakes or cookies in the kitchen can be somewhat difficult and disaster. This can be happen even for those who are very familiar with cooking. This is because there is a basic different between cooking and baking. Cooking can be an art, but baking is a chemistry. You have to apply an exact measure to the dough and cannot randomly use ingredients measurements.

  1. Follow all skips thoroughly

    6 Baking Tips Beginners Should Know

Before you start one of the baking steps, make sure that you have read all the steps thoroughly. Read all the process carefully will help you to enlist all the ingredients and tools needed for baking. Therefore, you will not experience any mistake when baking. Understand all the recipe and make sure that you follow the step in sequence.

  1. Oven Racks have to be positioned in the center

    6 Baking Tips Beginners Should Know
    6 Baking Tips Beginners Should Know

To get the best baking result, you have to place the oven racks in the center of the oven. The heat in the center will be more consistent compare to that at the edge. Therefore, make sure you position the racks in the center.

  1. Use only room temperature ingredients

Except for the certain recipe that requires several ingredients to be in lower temperature or higher temperature, the standard of baking will use room temperature ingredients. This is because dough will mix better if the ingredients are at room temperature. The standard room temperature is around 20 until 22 degree Celsius or 68 until 72 degree Fahrenheit.

If you are using eggs that come out from the refrigerator, leave the eggs at room temperature for some amount of time until the temperature goes higher to approximately 20 until 22 degree Celsius. If the recipe only states butter, it means that you have to use softened butter. Softened butter is butter that still a solid but soft enough.

  1. Use the Proper Pan

There are numerous type of pans available in the market that can be used to bake your cakes. Obviously choosing the proper pan can be somewhat very difficult for those who are still beginners. The main characteristic for proper pan is nonstick so that you can bake exceptional cake. You can choose silicon pans to make the cake easier to release and no sticky batter leave in the pan.

  1. Preheat the Oven

It is very important to preheat your oven before you place the batter inside the oven. It is because oven takes time to be heated to the set temperature, therefore placing batter inside it will make the baking process doesn’t run well. If you want to bake the cake at 350 degrees, the average oven will need 20 minutes to be heated to the set temperature.

  1. Don’t fill the pans fully

You have to be aware that the batter you place in the pan will rise and expand when is heated in the oven. Therefore, don’t fill the pan fully as it will disturb the dough to expand. It is recommended to fill the pan with only 2/3 size only.

The Best Ingredients You Need to Get Soft and Moist Cookies
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The Best Ingredients You Need to Get Soft and Moist Cookies

The Best Ingredients You Need to Get Soft and Moist Cookies. You may have experienced baking some cookies that are uncooked on the top but crispy on the bottom while playing sbobet indonesia. There are many reasons of why this could be happen. It is very important to know the reaction of all the ingredients when they are mixed together.

You have to be able to differentiate the results when certain ingredients being mixed in the certain ways. Knowing this will enable you to create softer, moist and warmer cookies every time. Here are the best ingredients you need to bake soft cookies in your kitchen.

  1. Sugars

    The Best Ingredients You Need
    The Best Ingredients You Need

Sugar is one of the main basic ingredients in every cookies, cake or even bread. Sugar is divided into several types which each of them has different reaction toward the cookies. If you want to create crispier cookies, then white sugar is the best type you can choose. Meanwhile, in order to bake chewy and softer cookies, it is recommended to use brown sugar instead.

Some recipes such as recipe for chocolate chip recipe tends to use these two kind of sugars. If you want to make the cookies softer, then you can substitute the white sugar with brown sugar. Sometimes, the cookies cannot retain their original shape. If it happens, decrease the amount of sugar in the mixture.

  1. Flour, Baking Soda and Baking Powder

    The Best Ingredients You Need
    Baking Powder

It is recommended to mix all the dry ingredients in one place first before mix them with liquid ingredients. Therefore, mix the flour with baking soda or baking powder to ease you mix the dough well. Remember to always use the fresh ingredients including flour, baking powder or baking soda when making cookies.

Make sure you understand the difference between particular type of flour. Each flour has different purpose or at least will bring different affects toward your cookies. Some cookies may asked you to use all – purpose flour while the other recipe requires high – protein flour.

  1. Understand the Difference Between Shortening and Butter

It is very important to understand the difference between butter as well as shortening. When you are reading the recipe, don’t be failed to recognize between these two. If you are using shortening and margarine instead of butter, you will get cookies with the original unbaked shape. Otherwise, if you are adding butter, then the cookies will be thinner than the original shape.

Butter sometimes is used to cook particular cookies like shortbread. If you want to sustain the original unbaked shape, then you can also add fats or cold butter. Make sure you only use the intended ingredients such as room temperature margarine, melted, or cold one. They all have different reaction toward cookies.

  1. Choosing Spoons or Cups?

It is better to measure the amount of ingredients using spoon instead of cups. This will avoid you from giving more or less ingredients in the dough. Actually, it is even recommended if you use exact measurement such as gram to make sure you get the precision amount of ingredients.

How to perfectly bake pastries or cookies?
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How to perfectly bake pastries or cookies?

Perfectly bake pastries. When it’s a happy moment for a special person, we also feel like we want to give something special. For example, by providing our own homemade cookies. If the results are perfect and they like your cookies, of course, we will feel very happy too.

But sometimes, even though the ingredients and the way users are according to the recipe, we may still experience failure. The cookie may taste delicious, but it looks bad or vice versa. There may be something wrong with the baking process. If you want to perfectly bake your cookies, you may consider the following tips for baking anti-fail cookies.

1. Pay attention to the baking pan

Choosing a baking pan for a cookie is not only seen from its shape. You also need to pay attention to the ingredients of the dough used to match the pan. If the baking pan or sheet used is too wide or large, the pastry will not expand and burn, despite the texture is good inside. If the pan is too small, the dough may spill over to the side of the baking sheet. So, use the baking sheet or pan according to the many doughs you make.

Pay attention to the baking pan
Perfectly bake pastries

2. Brush the pan with butter and baking paper

Baking pan spread with butter/margarine is intended so that the resulting cookie does not stick to the baking pan. You can also add baking paper on top or by sprinkling flour with a thin layer. If the baking sheet is not smeared, it will make the cookie difficult to remove and break, and will also damage the cookie. If it has been smeared, you can immediately pour the mixture in the pan. Keep in mind, do not pour the mixture too full. Just leave about 2 cm from the top of the pan.

3. Flatten and tap the baking pan after pouring the dough

After the dough has been added to the pan, spread it evenly with a spatula and then gently tap on the pan so that the cookie mixture is evenly distributed. This method can also prevent it from deflated, hard and porous surfaces. Because when you tap the pan, air bubbles in the dough can come out and the cookie result will be soft. Yummy!

4. Bake at the right temperature

Maybe some player from think that by raising the oven temperature to a reasonable level, it can make the pastry cooked faster and save time. In fact, too high temperature can make the cake broken. It could even be that the outer surface is cooked but the inside surface is not cooked yet. This will make the cookie crack at the top. So, use the oven temperature to match the baked cookies. Before putting the dough in the oven, preheat the oven to make sure the oven’s heat is at the right level.

Bake at the right temperature
Bake at the right temperature

5. Avoid opening the oven too often

Opening the oven too often when baking also makes the cookie tight because of the sudden change in temperature that occurs when the oven is opened. If you want to see the cookie when being baked, you can just look at the oven glass and don’t need to open it. If the oven glass is too dark, use the flash in your gadget.

6. Cool the cookie before removing from the baking sheet

Cookies that are still hot will stick in the pan and are difficult to remove. Therefore, let the cookie cool for a while until the surface hardens, then remove it from the baking sheet and let the cookie cool by itself at room temperature. Don’t put the cake in the fridge because it will make the cookie stickier with a baking pan due to changes in temperature that occur. After it is not hot anymore, you can just decorate it as you wish.